About Mary

Flower Designer & Artist

Mary Wauchope, graduated from the university of South Australia with a Bachelor of design, majoring in ceramics and glass in 1993.

In 1995-1996 Mary went to study in Italy at the Florence Academy of Art in life drawing and sculpture. Living and learning in Florence had a huge impact on Mary’s direction in art.

In 1997 Mary participated in the New York School drawing marathon at the Central School of Art. In 2007 completed a master class at Central School in tonal realism with Anna Platten. In September 2008 participated in a master class with Anton Hart at the University of South Australia in the department of architecture and design.

The Artist

Since 1993 Mary has exhibited in Solo and group exhibitions in Galleries and private venues.

Her work has predominantly consisted of ceramics and sculpture but in the last few years has moved towards painting on canvas. Mary has taught privately and at WEA adult education for the last 10 years.

Inspiration & Influence

Mary’s work is inspired by her home and family in Adelaide Hills. Many of her works are influenced by her travels which include Africa, Europe, Indonesia and Australia, her own children, her childhood and personal experiences. Her love of animals and flowers continue to appear in her work.


Throughout her life Mary has worked with flowers. Starting in a flower shop when she was in her final years at school and continuing with flower creations through university and now married life. If Mary is not arranging flowers she is either painting or drawing them and using them in her sculpture.